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Friday, October 20, 2017

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Proposed Indoor Sports Facility Rebuttal
Posting Date: 11/01/2011

I'd like to provide somewhat of a rebuttal to your editorial on the proposed indoor sports facility.

There are many logical and thoughtful arguments for building near existing venues. I've heard many residents of the Sun City area argue against the location because it would be near their homes. The land purchased for a new library is often cited as an alternative, but this suggestion is just a case of selective amnesia. These proposals ignore the fact that the library site is located closer to homes than the regional park. The proposed layout places the building at least 250 yards (2.5 football fields) away from any existing or future homes. Let's also not forget there is no space for adequate parking in the downtown area.

The proposed site adjacent to existing fields is already owned by the city. If we were to select and purchase alternative land, costs would skyrocket.

RDA funds have very specific spending requirements. We will pay steep financial penalties if those dollars are not spent in the right way within the allotted time. Because of the bond restrictions, we have figuratively already invested the money. The only question is if we will receive a positive return.

NCS has created jobs here in Mesquite. Yes, they are only working with a skeleton staff right now, but they have employed local design and engineering firms in drafting their proposals. Unlike several other defunct projects, we owe NCS money, not

the other way around. Desert Falls and Solstice continually asked for handouts from the city coffers. NCS paid us earnest money and asked how can we make Mesquite more attractive to visitors? Why should we begrudge them for expecting an eventual return on their investment?

We shouldn't be glorifying Mesquite Gaming in any way. A local magazine catering to visitors was recently told they could no longer distribute in rooms at the Casablanca or Virgin River. Why? Because the management at Mesquite Gaming feels the pie isn't big enough to share. Staff from the local casinos hold seats on the City's Economic Development Commission but rarely attend these meetings. Their objective is to bring visitors to their property, and keep them in a closed environment for the entire stay.

Again, NCS paid money to the City that was deposited in the General fund. If we don't reciprocate based on the original and amended agreement, we must return their investment with interest.

Accusing staff of neglecting local business owners ignores the business community's overwhelming support for this project. I've yet to see a single owner speak to discourage city staff in one of the many public meetings that have been held.

The clock is ticking on using RDA funds without penalty. We have a proposal on the table that offers excellent value and addresses our area's biggest dilemma - oppressive summer heat. We should proceed cautiously, but time is running out for our local businesses. A failure to act decisively will be the death warrant for the local economy.

David West

Mesquite, NV


  • Posted Date: 11/01/2011
    This is the most ridiculous arguement I have ever heard. "NCS has created jobs" -wrong, there is one guy working for NCS and he is their lobbyist. They have not employed any firms either, they hired someone who is already here. The gaming establishment kicked out the local glossy magazine -by the way -next door to NCS and a strong NCS buddy because their content was unacceptable to the gaming community. The magazine was also a strong supporter of the previous mayor and the Desert Falls project. There is also city owned land all over town, for instance the city owns a huge chucnk of land down near the veterans center that is more than adequate and has tons of parking and people have to pass THROUGH town to get there. Last NCS is deceptive and secretive about their real reasons for wanting Mesquite's precious resources. We don't need to deal with a company that is not transparent, open and honest. If they can't stand up before the public at city council and say "this is what we intend to do" then give them their money back and send them home. Mr West forgets that smart government planning would use our land for something that creates hundreds of jobs, not just a way for a millionaire to get richer and Mesquite residents pay the bill.
    By: Tom
  • Posted Date: 11/01/2011
    How about using RDA funds for a Boys & Girls club in town? How about using RDA funds for a tutoring programs to help Mesquite kids? How about using RDA funds to build a solar generating plant in Mesquite? How about using RDA funds for something to help us get a dam job? How about using RDA funds to support redevelopment not make a rich guy richer and the poor people poorer?
    By: Marcie
  • Posted Date: 11/01/2011
    What jobs has NCS created? None. Like Solstice and Desert Falls, they came here promising big things and have delivered nothing. They tied up extremely valuable land west of the city for five years, and didn't build a single road or building. They haven't done any of the things they promised. Sorry, the city doesn't need another collection of empty promises.
    By: Calvin
  • Posted Date: 11/01/2011
    The only thing NCS wants to do is tie up 500 acres until they can scalp it. What are they doing for Mesquite -nothing. What are they doing for NCS - making millions
    By: Abby
  • Posted Date: 11/01/2011
    The people forced the giant Bank of America to dump the $% ATM fee, why can't the locals of Mesquite get rid of NCS? Too old, too dumb, too uneducated, too apathetic?
    By: Eddie
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