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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Macrae Says Goodbye to Mesquite
Posting Date: 07/11/2011

It is with extreme sadness that I must announce that I must leave Mesquite, as I have family in California that needs me. This is one of the most difficult decisions I've ever been forced to make. With making this decision come sad consequences. I have relinquished my title of Ms. Senior Mesquite, 2011 - the biggest honor I have ever received. By doing this now, it allows my 2nd runner up - Margaret Judkins - time to prepare for the state pageant in August. I know that she will do a wonderful job in representing Mesquite. I wil also be resigning from the board of directors for the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce. I feel I've contributed to this wonderful organization, and this will also be difficult to leave.

I have left Colonial Property Managment and am actively seeking employement

in California. Once a job is secured, I will be relocating promptly. I am heartsick that I must no longer facilitate the Christmas in July for the Highland Manor seniors. I started this project five years ago, and have put my heart and soul into it. It's something I look forward to each year. My former employer has advised that since I started this while working at Colonial, that they "own" Christmas in July. I hope everyone, especially all of the seniors, know how much it breaks my heart that I will not be allowed to participate.

I will be thinking of all of you, and if anyone would like to keep in touch, my personal email is - Life will go on, but I will certainly leave a VERY large part of my heart here in Mesquite.

Jolene Macrae



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