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Tarkanian Addresses Mesquite Tea Party-Part II-Video
Posting Date: 08/09/2012

By Barbara Ellestad

This is the second part of Danny Tarkanian's address to the Mesquite Tea Party Monday evening, Aug. 6, giving his reasons why he should be elected as Nevada's representative in the 4th Congressional District. See Mesquite Citizen Journal story Congressional Candidate Tarkanian Addresses Tea Party-Part I-Video for Part I.

"That's what this whole election is about right now," Tarkanian said as he responded to a question from the audience about his stance on federal program entitlements, not including Medicare and Social Security.

"Senator (Marco) Rubio said it best. It's not about Obama and Romney. It's an election between two different political philosophies. The one currently in office believes in class warfare. He wants to divide the country and promise 51 percent that they'll get some type of benefits as long as they vote for him," Tarkanian replied.

As Tarkanian discussed his views on immigration, he challenged the Tea Party to invite his Democratic opponent, Steven Horsford, to address their group and "see if he'll show up."

He went on to describe an onion farmer near Yerington, NV, who needs migrant farm workers to harvest his crop but was having difficulties with immigration rules. "Under current rules, he has to pay American workers the same as he pays a worker who comes in under one of the work programs. That's $11.85 an hour. He can't find enough American workers to work the farm."

Tarkanian says immigration laws require the farmer to "pay for their transportation (to the farm), pay for their housing, and pay for their transportation back. (The INS) tried to argue that he had to pay for the (workers') permits for them to get into the country but he fought that and won."

He says that when he ran for Secretary of State in 2006, he proposed a state law that would require voters to show proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. "You hear the left say we're going to disenfranchise voters because they don't have all these documents. But in (President) Carter's proposal, they make provisions for the government to pay the cost to make these things available. That takes away the argument for someone who couldn't afford it."

"Look at what he does when a law is declared unconstitutional, or they get a contempt charge, or when they don't like that Congress won't pass a law. He just implements it under Executive Order," Tarkanian complained about President Obama. "This is the closest we've ever had in this country when the President just runs it unilaterally, away from our (system of) checks and balances."

"I didn't agree with it," he said about the recent Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of the President's health care plan. "I don't think it was the right decision. I hear their reasoning about why Justice Roberts made his decision so it would come back to the people. Justice Roberts created a tax when the people who wrote the Bill said it wasn't a tax."

A member of the audience encouraged Tarkanian to stay positive in his advertisements "and don't go negative. The guy that's running against you is going to bring out your skeletons. Stay on the issues and stay positive."

Tarkanian described some of the difficulties he had in past elections when he was accused of wrongdoing. "I went to Court and proved they were wrong."

He mentioned that the head of the local chapter of the NAACP, Frank Hawkins, is going to endorse him in the Congressional race against Horsford who is African-American. "What a courageous guy this guy is."

He said the potential endorsement caused his opponent in the Republican primary, Barbara Cegavske, to call him "a liberal."

Tarkanian also explained a donation he gave to Shelley Berkley in 1999 when she was running for a State office, saying that as a member of the Board of Regents for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, she had stood up for his father when the Board was trying to oust him from his coaching job at the school. Berkley,

a Democrat, is now running for the U.S. Senate seat in Nevada.

He predicted that nationally-based political action committees (PAC) are getting involved in campaigning for and against him and his opponent, Horsford. "These two groups are going to just beat the crap out of both of us," Tarkanian said about both conservative- and liberal-based PACs. "That's the way it works."

"There hasn't been anyone that's run for office that's been more unfairly maligned about gun issues that I have," Tarkanian declared as he explained his past difficulties in winning an endorsement from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

"I'm at the point where I'm just fed up with it."

"When I ran for State Senate, I filled out my form (for the NRA endorsement) and got a perfect score. When I ran for Secretary of State in 2006 I missed one question on a registration issue that I would have taken back. But I had to live with it. I got a 'C.' Then I get a call on the Friday before Tuesday's election, with the person saying I got an 'F.'"

He said he called the NRA headquarters and explained that he was a life member of the NRA and fully supported the organization. "Why would you do that," he says he asked the group who replied that he had been endorsed by the Brady group that is diametrically opposed to the NRA.

He explained that he had never spoken to the Brady group. "They admit they never spoke to me."

He says the NRA group again misjudged him in the 2010 election when he ran in the Senate Republican primary. "I knew it was going to happen again in this election."

He explained that he's tried to meet with NRA officials but "they haven't met with me yet." He added that he is pro-Second Amendment and that the situation is "really disappointing."

"Anyone who doesn't want to vote for me because of this issue, then don't," Tarkanian said in frustration. "I'm tired of addressing it. I'm so fed up after having to repudiate the misalignment" all these years.

He described a question he was asked in a different forum about whether Presidential candidate Mitt Romney should turn over all of his tax returns. "Heck yeah, I think he should, right after President Obama turns over all his education records and the other records he has sealed right now."

He added that he thinks Senator Reid should also reveal his tax returns.

"People ask what he (Romney) is hiding. He's taken advantage of the (legal) tax breaks that every person has. He knows if he opens up one year, then the story is on that. He wants to get it (the discussion) back to jobs," Tarkanian explained.

He discussed some of the indiscretions of his opponent Horsford, including "a paid trip to the Bahamas" sponsored by an online poker business that had legislation pending in the Nevada Legislature while Horsford was the State Senate majority leader.

"All these things are actually true about him," Tarkanian stated as he went on to explain his financial difficulties with a real estate development deal that went sour.

"My family was involved with 11 investors. One of our partners talked us into investing with a developer. We did. The guy took our money, stopped development on the property, failed to pay us our first interest payment, and went bankrupt. We went to court and lost. We went to the court of appeals. I wasn't the culprit. I was involved with 11 other people," Tarkanian said.

"Glenn Beck called me a Tea Party radical because I have common-sense solutions," he added when discussing some of the other claims against him.

Injecting a bit of humor into the discussion, he quipped that "he (Beck) said I'm not only rich, but I'm ultra-rich. That caused me all kinds of problems because my wife wants to know where I'm hiding the money. Not only that, my kids want to spend it."

For more information about Tarkanian, visit his Web site at


  • Posted Date: 08/09/2012
    This guy can't be serious! What a joke. He can't manage his own business, why would we vote for him. He owes $17 million and is going bankrupt. Yet, he still wants to pay migrant laborers $4.00 an hour. Duh.
    By: Vic M
  • Posted Date: 08/09/2012
    Now there is an effective combo. A candidate being sued for $17 million and Mesquites wimped out Tea Party. Yea, they'll get my vote. Ha!
    By: Sandi
  • Posted Date: 08/09/2012
    Marco Rubio didn't finish his statement. The other half of the class warfare believe in Romney who says a vote for him will get them some giant financial benefits. It works both ways.
    By: David
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