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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Police Blotter - July 15-22, 2012
Posting Date: 07/24/2012

The following incidents were taken, in part, from the Mesquite Police Department blotter for the week of July 15-22, 2012. All persons involved in these incidents are presumed innocent until proven guilty by the court.

7/15/12 Controlled Substance Problem: Officers responded to a residence on a report of possible drug activity. Following an investigation, an adult male was arrested for inhalant charges.

7/15/12 Burglary: Police responded to a report of a residential attempted burglary on Silver Road. The home owner discovered damage to the rear sliding glass door but entry was not made. This report matches other reports made to the police about other burglaries in this area but a suspect had already been arrested.

7/15/12 Theft: Police received a report of luggage stolen from a parked car in a casino parking lot.

7/16/12 Domestic Dispute: Police went to a residence regarding a report of a domestic battery complaint. After investigation, two adult males were arrested.

7/16/12 Abuse/Neglect: The police department received a telephone call about a juvenile issue from another state. An investigation was begun about a possible crime that was alleged to have occurred in Mesquite in 2005.

7/17/12 Unknown Problem: Police responded to a residence about a 911 hang up. Officers discovered that one of the elderly occupants was irritated with a care giver for his wife. The man was warned about trying to intimidate people taking care of his wife.

7/17/12 Disorderly Conduct: Police responded to a casino to assist security with an intoxicated male. The male refused to leave and was disorderly and combative with police. He was arrested

and charged with resisting arrest, breach of the peace and trespassing.

7/18/12 Wanted Person: Officers responded to a casino regarding a highly intoxicated female who was involved in a verbal domestic dispute. The female had a warrant for her arrest and was taken to jail.

7/18/12 Theft: A citizen reported that a UPS package was stolen from the front porch of his apartment.

7/18/12 Suspicious Circumstances: Officers responded to the on ramp to I-15 about a report of a female lying near the roadway. Investigation determined she was lying near the road to attract passing motorists because she was hitchhiking. After being warned twice, the woman continued to return to the area and lie near the road causing traffic problems. She was taken into custody.

7/19/12 Burglary: Police responded to a residential burglary on Mesa Boulevard in which multiple coins were stolen.

7/19/12 Fight: Officers responded to a residence on a report of physical violence between two roommates. One of the subjects was arrested for inhaling chemicals.

7/20/12 Domestic Dispute: Police were called to a casino where an adult male told them his girlfriend of ten years hit him in the face and left. The woman was not located.

7/20/12 Burglary: Police responded to a burglary in progress at a residence on Mesa Boulevard. A witness observed an adult male trying to pry open a window. The suspect fled before police arrived.

7/20/12 Theft: A woman reported the theft of a license plate from her camping trailer while it was being repaired at a business in Mesquite.

7/20/12 Wanted Person: A sex offender was arrested for failing to complete his annual verification.

7/21/12 Theft: A person reported the theft of a cell phone while at a casino.


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