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Friday, October 20, 2017

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Are You Lost?
Posting Date: 06/29/2012

By Cheryl Young

Do you know where you are going? What direction, what path are you following in life? The world is a changing place. With so much information available to us through television and the internet how do we know who or what to believe?

The world tells us "it's all about me, every man and woman for themselves, do whatever you please as long as you’re not hurting others and sometimes even if it does remember, it's a dog eat dog world.”

However, God says the opposite, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and "It's not all about you.” Have you ever noticed how big life’s problems can seem when your only focus is on you and your problems? Yet, when you focus on helping others, your problems don't seem so bad? We the church family believes in helping one another through life's many trials. “Two are better than one, for if one falls down, the other will lift him up.” Ecclesiastes 4:9.

Recently, my friend’s husband suddenly dropped dead on their front lawn. She was in total shock and did not know what to do. Then she remembered her friends from Bible study; they immediately rushed into action, praying and comforting her, they even arranged the entire funeral service and reception, as well as taking care of all the necessary paperwork.

I have another friend whose husband

was unexpectedly arrested, leaving her completely dumbfounded. Once she called her church family, help was on the way. Through prayer, comfort and some good advice, they reached out to help her, getting her through some very tough times.

Our Creator has given us the gift of independent thinking as well as the gift of being able to help others. We can enjoy television and the internet, but most of that is not the real world. The real world is all around us, people we work with, neighbors, friends and our church. We can choose to spend our time with the television and the internet, or we can choose to spend our time with real friends and our Lord.

We all have a choice, who do you trust, who do you want to comfort you in times of need, and what kind of people do you want to associate with? You can choose God your creator and real friends, or you can chose to be alone with technology, television, and the internet.

Who are you going to turn to when times get tough, some faceless person on the internet? What if your car breaks down, who will give you a lift? The next time you need a hug be sure to grab the TV because the internet is way too big to get your arms around.


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