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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Burglaries Continue to Plague City
Posting Date: 06/25/2012

By Barbara Ellestad

In spite of rumors that an individual had been arrested for the recent spate of burglaries that have plagued the City, Jeff Smith, Mesquite Police Department Public Information Officer denied that late Friday afternoon, June 22. "No arrests have been made. We do have a person of interest and we are actively investigating the incidents."

The Daily Activity Logs issued by the MPD reveal that a burglary was reported in Sunset Greens on Friday, June 22 at 7:05 am. Another burglary in Sunset Greens was reported on Wednesday, June 20 at 9:15 am in which a firearm was stolen. Three other thefts or

burglaries were reported on that same day, one on Auto Mall Circle, one on Muscat Drive, and one on Concord Drive. A theft from a vehicle on Concord Drive was reported Thursday, June 21.

Concord and Muscat Drives are one street apart, just off South Grapevine Road and Second South Street.

Individuals are urged by MPD to report suspicious activities around neighborhoods, especially during the daytime. "These guys are hitting homes during the day and at night. They seem to be people you may not suspect as burglars," Smith explained.

Also see MCJ article Burglars Targeting South & Southwest Sides of City


  • Posted Date: 06/25/2012
    Geez, if the cops can't find a burglary in this city, its time for the chief to start making some changes in the detective branch. This is embarassing chief.
    By: Jason B
  • Posted Date: 06/25/2012
    Actively investigating, again - that means MPD's detective might have to do some police work for a change. MPD has too much dead wood in the ranks, time for a reorganization I'd say. Maybe put some younger guys in the detectives and put the non-performers out to pasture.
    By: Nancy
  • Posted Date: 06/25/2012
    Looks like someone has been watching too much CSI - It takes time to find the people doing this. Can't just snap your fingers, and the rights of these nuts have to be preserved at all costs even after they are caught - the courts will just slap their hands. Chances are this is not the first time they have been doing this. Watch out for your neighbors. Protect each other. Help the Officers - call things in.
    By: Just a thought
  • Posted Date: 06/25/2012
    Wow-what are the figures for sun city mesquite or are they hushing these up? Hey Sydney young,got any figures? I know,I know Sydney ,you will have to check with the police-lol!
    By: Scmdude
  • Posted Date: 06/25/2012
    The 2 or 3 people that have been assigned as "detectives" have been there for so long they are useless. Barely put in 8 hrs a day. Time to change the guard, Chief Tanner. It's making you look bad. You assigned them, you can reassign them or you just just look like you don't know what your doing.
    By: Ray
  • Posted Date: 06/25/2012
    I am sure our fine police doing all they can to solve this-these are the toughest to solve and just a matter of time before these catch the punks. HEY MESQUITE CITIZEN-want a real interesting story?check the break-ins that occurred in sun city,when the alerts went out from the hoa and the people that had the break-ins experience with the hoa Sydney young and there negative experiences with Sydney young after the break ins-ALSO CHECK THE RELATED STORY,SYDNEY YOUNG LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS A REAL FAN CLUB ,especially after she tries to cover up every thing and was real rude to my parents who were broken into and dealt with her rudeness!
    By: Scmiliveheretoo
  • Posted Date: 06/26/2012
    You biitchy people from Sun City give old people a bad name. Emails went out with all the details of the break-ins and an open email and phone line to report suspicious behavior. Most people in this community have a positive approach to the problem, unlike those who constantly complain. Plus, please learn grammar. I can't imagine you can communicate with Sydney if you can't even write.
    By: Fedup
  • Posted Date: 06/26/2012
    Fed up, Amen to that!
    By: Another SCM resident
  • Posted Date: 06/26/2012
    Fedup-only 2emails went out from Sydney and all were at least 1-2 days after the breakins and after the people who were broken into went nuts and had a real hard time with Sydney. Several went un- reported Check the facts out before you spew your garbage? And do not worry about grammar,worry about the facts. Call the police and find out how many scm breakins thre were,you will find at least 5-6, Then talk to Sydney. 2 emails does not cut it - there should be a e mail every time,but see,she does not want to alarm us old folk,lol,and wreck the sales up here with bad press. So get your facts right before you have diarrhea of the mouth. In other words Sydney is always a day late and a dollar short-way behind the curve,and I guess you are a Sydney fan-when you have a fan club meeting have fun talking to yourself- very few people care for Sydney and if we residents had a vote would vote her out. She was rammed down our throats by pulte. So go check your facts before you spew .
    By: Scmenforcer
  • Posted Date: 06/26/2012
    Scmen, you really need to put all your comments and facts in a letter to Pulte. Have it signed by all the residents that want a replacement GM. That's the right course of action if you feel ill-served and most effective. Publish it here if you feel compelled. That's a good use of your energy in this situation, otherwise it goes nowhere. I have sent letters to Pulte on other matters with good response.
    By: Fedup
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