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Friday, October 20, 2017

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Mike vs Mike - New Immigration Policy
Posting Date: 06/21/2012

For this week's Mike versus Mike debate, we asked this question:
What are the merits of the new immigration policy announced by the Obama Administration on June 15.

As always, we welcome your input into the debate. Leave a comment at the end of this article for others to read and ponder.
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Mike Young's turn

President Obama has spit in the face of Congress and the 20 million under-employed and unemployed Americans by announcing he will grant work permits to more than 1 million illegal immigrants.
The president said that his policy is designed to enact as much of the DREAM Act amnesty program as possible. But Congress rejected the Dream Act three times.

But now when illegal aliens pick up their driver’s license, I’m sure someone will also hand them a voter registration card. It also was a nice touch to have the license expire in two years, so vote for me or it will expire.
This is an inappropriate response to pro-amnesty groups that have attacked Obama with a powerful public relations campaign trying to get him to undermine American immigration laws. Supporters of amnesty know that the elected representatives of the American people won't approve amnesty so they got the President to do it himself. However, until Friday, June 15, the President said that he couldn't overturn immigration laws. His stunning reversal may provide short-term political gain among those special interest groups, however long term it should bring an awareness that he is more interested in buying votes than helping Americans who are out of work.

One unavoidable fact is that Obama's amnesty will increase the supply of legal workers to compete for jobs with the 20 million Americans who can't find a job or have been forced into part-time work. The increase in the labor supply will be big. The first reports estimated that about 800,000 illegals will be affected but that was using estimates made in 2010 for the DREAM Act.

Obama’s new amnesty plan will not require college attendance or graduation, so the 800,000 figure is way to low. Removing the college requirement would qualify at least 1 million more illegal aliens who would not necessarily have high value job skills.

His Highness has moved into alarming new territory because he has taken authority away from Congress. They are the ones that make the laws and they are the ones who must resolve the immigration problem. Marco Rubio tried to get a compromise bill together but Harry Reid and Obama worked to block those efforts so the President could step in and do whatever he thinks will

buy votes. Yet there are more than 20 million Americans who can't find a full-time job? Oh, now there will be about 2 million more with work permits.

The argument is made these young people did nothing wrong, it was their parents. True, but you are rewarding the parents for breaking the law and allowing their children to keep the ill-gotten gains. And what about those who followed the law by waiting in line for years? That’s simply not fair.

The Irony is that the most unemployed Americans are Black and Hispanic, yet, these two groups are the ones who will have to compete directly with the millions of illegal aliens that the president is adding to the labor force.

Will this buy votes? Maybe in Chicago, but I hope not in America.
Mike McGreer's turn

Immigration policy is used to manage the number of immigrants let into specific regions of the United States, while also distinguishing between desirable and undesirable ethic groups and labor skills. In theory restrictions based upon racial lines is prohibited.

The President's June 15 announcement simply asks young illegal immigrants to come forth and be identified. In doing so, they could potentially obtain citizenship through military service, obtain driver's licenses, apply for education grants and work permits, without fear of deportation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The announcement applies to illegal immigrants who came to the United States before age 16 and have lived here for at least five years, are in school, or are high school graduates or military veterans in good standing. An individual must also be under 30 and have a clean criminal record.

In 2009, the American military began recruiting skilled immigrants who were living in this country with temporary visas, offering them the chance to become United States citizens in as little as six months. Under the current adjustment, the military would probably be able to expand its recruitment efforts to individuals meeting the criteria set down by the President.

Nothing in the President's announcement would eliminate the ability of the government to deport immigrants or naturalized citizens who are engaged in subversive or criminal activities. Nor does the prohibition on deportation grant amnesty or provide a clear path to citizenship except, potentially, in the case of military service. Homeland Security authorities will use prosecutorial discretion to grant deferred action, a reprieve that will be valid for two years and will have to be renewed.

The President's action also re-enforces a Supreme Court decision, Plyler v. Doe, that required that all children, regardless of immigration status, were entitled to public education through high school.

This is a much needed, and long overdue, temporary fix to a problem, primarily facing Latinos, that the Republicans in Congress failed to address when they blocked passage of the Dream Act in 2010.


  • Posted Date: 06/21/2012
    It is about time someone spit in the face of Congress - a bunch of do nothing babies who are taking care of only themselves. Does that "spit in the face of Congress" include all the stuff George Bush did by going around Congress? This is about taking care of kids who are in this position through no fault of their own. Spit in the face of Congress? How about our laws that allow these "undocumenteds" to serve and die in the military but can't be legal. Many of them have in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can legally work but you can die? Just more racist Republican B.S.
    By: Jason
  • Posted Date: 06/21/2012
    I think Mr. Yound is being somewhat selective on his wording. Obama didn't spit in the face of Congress because only the Republican party is against the Dream Act, so I guess correctly it would be he spit in the face of Republicans. As for Congress, we should deport all of them. That is the real problem in America, not the president whoever it may be. Romney or Obama, it makes no difference. We need to do something about Congress. In the end, this immigration issue means nothing, we will have much bigger problems ahead if we don't do something about Congress.
    By: Heidi
  • Posted Date: 06/21/2012
    I totally agree with Heidi and Jason. I wonder if "Mike" and all the other idiots that have the same philosophy are willing to go out into the fields and pick strawberries or asparagus?
    By: George
  • Posted Date: 06/21/2012
    The real problem is not immigration or who is president. The Congress is self serving and it doesn't matter if its Romney or Obama. It's time for guys like Reid, Orrin Hatch and now Warren Hardy at VVWD to get out and head on down the road. They are hurting more than helping.
    By: Burt
  • Posted Date: 06/21/2012
    Well, why the hell didn't the almighty Congress fix this problem years ago?
    By: Nancy
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