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Friday, April 18, 2014

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Pressbox Sports Grille Calls It Quits
Posting Date: 06/19/2012

By John Taylor

Customers wanting to grab a meal at the Pressbox Sports Grille at 796 Pioneer Boulevard were greeted by a sign that read “Due to unfortunate circumstances the Press Box Sports grill is no longer open. We wish to thank the Mesquite Community for their support.” The restaurant was empty and the doors locked.

Less than one year ago, the owners of the restaurant, Bill Kalivas and David Alexander, requested a license to open the bar and restaurant from the City Council and the license was approved. The location itself has somewhat of a checkered history in that restaurants at that location seemed doomed to fail. Prior to the Pressbox, Fat Cats Sports Pub tried to operate a sports themed bar which ultimately failed. Buffalo's Southwest Cafe occupied the building before that. Each business lasted only a short time.

The 6,000 square foot building is relatively new and has a full kitchen, dining room and a large bar. It was purchased for $1,299,000 for the current business. The management operated seven days a week

for lunch and dinner and tried to served breakfast but were unable to do so. Like many other new businesses that open, the Pressbox was a popular place for lunch but the clientele soon began to fade. Kalivas sold his interest in the restaurant due to family and health issues and the new management was unable to keep it open.

“The restaurant business is a very tough business,” said Troy Hampton who stopped by with some co-workers for lunch. “First, you have to compete with the casinos who get most of the business and then the economy keeps a lot of people home when they would rather go out to dinner somewhere.” Hampton and his party continued to the Eureka for lunch.

Summertime is a very difficult time for businesses in Mesquite and the location of the Pressbox, away from the downtown businesses and in a half empty commercial area may have contributed to its closure. However, many restaurants have come and gone in recent years and it is likely the location will eventually see something new in its future.


  • Posted Date: 06/19/2012
    Hate to see any business close in Mesquite, especially because we so desperately need places to eat here. Unfortunately, in my half-dozen visits there over the last year, the food was never good, the bar atmosphere was unbearable if you wanted an intimate lunch or dinner, and their prices weren't great. But the biggest thing is the food. As Chef Gordon Ramsey teaches every week in his "Kitchen Nightmares" TV show, the food MUST be good and consistent for any restaurant to survive. This food was neither.
    By: Reggie
  • Posted Date: 06/19/2012
    Bravo Reggie, Or should I say ditto, The menu sounded good, but never matched what was served, Food slightly over priced and under portioned. The service out of sync either trying too hard, with frivolous forced conversation or absent of service when needed. The drinks were thin, as are most in town, As a drinker, I've never known a bar to go under that served a good drink, the cheapest thing a proprietorship can do to cultivate good business. When I discover a good pour, I'll support that bar. Until then, its Mr. Lee's and my patio bar, where MJC contributors are always welcome.
    By: plain ol Doug
  • Posted Date: 06/19/2012
    We found the food great and the service also. We are part timers, and were so pleased to find a good Greek Gyro. Our eat in experience was great - delicious and fast. Our take outs were also good and fast. We will miss this place.
    By: Desert Walker
  • Posted Date: 06/19/2012
    Reggie and Doug, you obviously never ordered the "Yard Burger." It was fantastic. I echo the sentiment that it is sad to see any business closing down.
    By: Shux
  • Posted Date: 06/19/2012
    Sorry to see a business go under, now we are left with the Envy nightclub keeping us awake till 3am. Anyone else have a problem with the noise?
    By: Bob
  • Posted Date: 06/19/2012
    Bob your sorry too see one business go but then you b h about Envy do you want them gone lets close up the whole town by 9pm so all the old folks can get there sleep so then can golf in the morning
    By: mike
  • Posted Date: 06/20/2012
    Mike I am not old and I enjoy music and do not play glof. My point is the sound should be contained in the club and I should not be able to hear it at 3am.
    By: Bob
  • Posted Date: 06/20/2012
    As a fellow business owner (Envy Nightclub and Lounge) and Friend, I too am sorry to see The Pressbox go. It provided jobs and great food for a lot of people at an awesome price. $2.99 breakfast? Who could beat it? Bob, shortly after we opened we were made aware that our speakers were too loud. Since then we have kept doors closed and kept speakers turned to a minimum. The police department makes many sweeps a night to check on us and have told us that we are well within compliance and even more so within good taste of the community and our neighbors. Our noise levels aren't any higher than those of the traffic driving by. If there is still a problem, I ask that you bring it to our attention instead of trying to organize a lynch mob to destroy another much needed business and jobs during these rough economic times. Or here’s a novel idea, how about come out and support us! Lord knows the summer months are not only tough for businesses like The Pressbox.
    By: Toby
  • Posted Date: 06/20/2012
    Toby, first of all I think lynch mob is a bit strong, I was just trying to find out if other residents were experiencing the same problem as we have with the noise from your nightclub. We have owned a home in Mesquite for 12 years and have never complained about any business before, we have lived happily with Buffalo Grill, Fat Cats and Press Box and are sorry to see them fail. The problem with Envy is the building is not suited to play loud music until 3am in the morning. There is no partition between the sound stage and the entrance or the smoking terrace area so when patrons enter and leave or go for a smoke the sound leeches out. Last Saturday night we woken at 12.30pm and could clearly hear the DJ with our doors and windows closed. I accept that since our first complaint the noise has been reduced and we have had quieter nights on Thursday and Friday but Saturday is still a problem. Our property is a third of a mile away from the club and we can clearly hear the music in our bedroom with ear plugs. So we will continue to peruse this until we some peace and quiet. So please be a good neighbor and invest in some sound proofing. I am happy to meet with you any time to help resolve this matter.
    By: Bob
  • Posted Date: 06/20/2012
    Bob,Congratulations you have qualified yourself to the Mesquite Passed Over Disgruntled Misfit Club !
    By: Doug R
  • Posted Date: 06/20/2012
    Thanks Doug, are you Chairman?
    By: Bob
  • Posted Date: 06/20/2012
    Doug R, I accept the offer to join your club. Thank you Mr President.
    By: Bob
  • Posted Date: 06/20/2012
    bob, so as a "good neighbor" instead of coming over and talking to call the police, make a formal compliant with the city and try to get neighbors to sign a petition against us...? the weekend in question was memorial weekend and yes the crowd and Dj were having fun and was unaware to us it was that intrusive. we have lowered the volume well under city noise ordance regulations to be a "good neighbor", we also clean up after our patrons even with 80% of the items left are casino glassware and bottles as we have a STRICT policey not allowing ANY drinks out of our doors. the building was a shell and you can check with the city we added extra insulation to the ext walls to help with any noise. you mentioned to the police and a city council member to add another set of doors... CC&R's won't allow it. there is NO way if your home was built to code and better then basic standards as you state "could clearly hear the DJ with our doors and windows closed." and w/ ear plugs... come on now bob. (you might need better windows) that means you can hear the movie theater as well since their bass on certian shows we can hear inside over ours. to qoute you "So we will continue to peruse this until we some peace and quiet." where were you at our 4 city council meetings for our approval, public questions and concerns? your neighbors have said " they can't hear us". if you would like to follow this up in person over a drink please contact rob or toby 801-599-9288
    By: rob
  • Posted Date: 06/21/2012
    Rob, Please let me clarify a few points before this gets out of hand. When we first heard the noise a few weeks ago I called the club the same evening but there was no reply and no answer machine. The following morning I researched the owners and found a number for Toby and called again no reply ( I did not hang on long enough for the phone to go to voice mail ). There has not been and will not be any petition so please do not listen to rumors it is not true. I did call the police as it is their responsibility to follow up on noise complaints. I sent an email to all the members of the city council who approved the license. I am not complaining just to make myself unpopular and come across as some sort of business destroyer we have a genuine issue. As I discussed with your partner Toby on the telephone the reason you have not had complaints from our neighbors is because they are snowbirds and have not been here since the club was opened. I have offered Toby the opportunity to visit our property if we have a noise problem going forward so he will be able to judge for himself and hopefully we can come up with a compromise to suit both parties. We did not oppose the license at the city because we did not believe there would be a problem with the sound traveling such a distance. I accept we could have done more to contact you before taking it through the proper channels. Regarding our home it was built by a local company Davis Construction who have built many of the homes in Mesquite and many commercial building and refurbishment work for the Eureka Casino, I am sure they will be pleased with your assessment of their work. I look forward to meeting with you both. Please let this be the last public correspondence and let's deal with this face to face.
    By: Bob
  • Posted Date: 06/22/2012
    bob, i do know angelo at davis construction very well and a great person. we are not looking for any issues as we want to be a successful business, assest to the community and enjoyable neighbor. we invite you and your wife this sat night for our grand opening doors open at 9pm toby and i would like to buy you and your wife drinks and move forward.
    By: rob
  • Posted Date: 06/22/2012
    bob, i do know angelo at davis construction very well and a great person. we are not looking for any issues as we want to be a successful business, assest to the community and enjoyable neighbor. we invite you and your wife this sat night for our grand opening doors open at 9pm toby and i would like to buy you and your wife drinks and move forward.
    By: rob
  • Posted Date: 06/22/2012 sounds like you want Bob and his wife to come over and have a few nightcaps before they go to bed...hopefully that will help them sleep through the noise. I feel very bad fir Bob as both you and your partner have taken him to task in a public forum. I remember a time when customer service, not chastising, was the norm. Good luck Bob and I believe you were correct in inviting the owners to your home. They need to hear the noise for themselves. Funny, neither seems to have accepted.
    By: J
  • Posted Date: 06/22/2012
    Things are getting more contentious around town than ever. We can thank the Chamber of Commerce and their four City Council minions for the bulk of it. Proposing to gut the budget's of legitimate Government functions in order to fund the "tent", covert tax increases billed as right of way fees, water rate billing shifts, past illegalities from former VVWD honchos, Sky Dive Mesquite noise insensitivity ad-nausium! Sooner or later, people get fed up. What is needed is a Taxpayer friendly City Council, the sooner the better!
    By: someones watching
  • Posted Date: 06/22/2012
    Bob-you live in a party town. Build a wall. I would expect noise anywhere near businesses. It sounds like club envy is trying to be nice and work things out. J- you must be related to Bob. I have read through all the comments and the owners of club envy have been nothing, but polite to him and if you notice above, Bob commented first dragging a nice new club/business that this town needs into a debate. This article was about the Pressbox, for Pete's sake! We need to support local business!
    By: Janseg
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