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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Which Way Do I Go?
Posting Date: 06/15/2012

By Pastor Bill Stevenson

What if Moses had traveled with his own GPS? Instead of wandering in the wilderness for forty years, would he and the Israelites have arrived at the Promised Land only a few weeks after leaving Egypt?

Or King David. What if Israel’s greatest ruler had mounted a global positioning system on his throne? Would he have ruled more wisely or won more battles and gained more land and treasure?

What if we ourselves had the latest technology in our hands or on the dashboard? Would we always know where we were going? Would all of us follow the right route in our relationships at home and in our workplace?

Please come and join us

at First Baptist Church as we are reminded that God’s Direction is Always Best. We have two worship services Sunday mornings and our discussion group on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm. This is just the place to ask follow up questions and we have some lively discussion about the morning’s sermon.

Our regular Sunday morning worship services are at 8:00AM and 10:45AM and 6:00PM for an hour of discussions. We’re located at 700 Hardy Way, Mesquite. We are next door to the new Police Station and across from the Storage Units. For more information, transportation or to request prayer call 346-7061 or visit our website at I look forward to sharing God’s Word with you.


  • Posted Date: 06/17/2012
    Preacher, always espound, in faith over reason. Ignoring the greatest gift God has bestowed on our species --- that gift of independent thinking. Reason has brought us technolgy, the internet, Thats where my faith lies, and not in promises of the supernatural With church memberships on the decline, it is only natural for clergy to beat that faith drum louder---- but as an article in the fact seeking MCJ?
    By: plain ol Doug
  • Posted Date: 06/17/2012
    Doug - It is such an interesting world with such a wide diversity. Some have an attitude of intellectual superiority and moral standards like you. However, many of us have a firm belief in a loving God who created us and we in return share with others the hope of an eternal life. We help one another through life’s many trials. The churches in Mesquite help many and provide for those in need. Maybe a Monday at the food bank might give you some insight in understanding others. You are lucky living in a country where all can believe as they please. And thank God for the MCJ which provides a forum for all opinions and beliefs, Enjoy your internet, and if things go wrong you can always Google “help”. While we enjoy our churches and the good work they do.
    By: Cheryl Young
  • Posted Date: 06/17/2012
    It is a shame and a travisty that people are critized for their beliefs. If the article that is published in the MCJ is offensive to Doug, he can refrain from reading it. However he should also refrain from reading the articles that are published in the printed papers that are available in Mesquite. It is too bad that Doug the intellect is so narrow minded and apparantly does not have a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior. I feel very sad and sorry for him.
    By: Douglas
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