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Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Conservative Alliance Demands Apology from Senator Cegavske
Posting Date: 06/06/2012

We are shocked and appalled at the willful disregard State Senator Barbara Cegavske has shown for those of us who have been working for years to bridge the divide within our community.

Recently, in several pieces of literature sent by her Congressional campaign, she derides an opponent for receiving the personal endorsement of a member of the African-American community.

NAACP President Frank Hawkins recently offered his support to his long-time friend Danny Tarkanian. We recognize and defend Mr. Hawkins’s efforts to look beyond partisan politics and ideology to search for solutions to the problems plaguing our community.

Sen. Cegavske deliberately distorted an individual’s endorsement in order to drive a wedge between members of the African-American community. Frank Hawkins and Danny Tarkanian should be commended for the courage displayed in attempting to unite segments of the

population that the Republican Party has traditionally ignored.

It is reprehensible that they are being pilloried for these efforts by Senator Cegavske in order to score cheap political points.

Irresponsible statements such as Sen. Cegavske’s do serious and possibly irreparable harm for which Sen. Cegavske should offer a clear and immediate apology.

Brenda Flank

Executive Director

Conservative Alliance for Community Growth

*** The Conservative Alliance for Community Growth, a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization committed to establishing meaningful partnerships and productive working relationships with residents, schools, businesses, and community leaders in primarily West and North Las Vegas. Through volunteerism and community involvement, the Conservative Alliance will advance time-tested conservative values and principles that our society has come to rely on such as; self-reliance, independence, and personal responsibility.

The Conservative Alliance for Community Growth is prohibited from endorsing political candidates. Nothing in this release is meant to be nor should anything be interpreted as an endorsement for or against any political candidate or party.


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