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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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14-Year Old Girl Drowns in Virgin River
Posting Date: 06/01/2012

The Mohave County Sheriff's Department just released this update on the Thursday evening drowning in Scenic, AZ:

On Thursday (5/31) evening, Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of a 14 year-old female caught in the undertow near one of the water gates at the dam on the Virgin River. Approximately 5:00 pm, deputies responded and were advised that the victim, identified as Alma Rosa Lujan, from Scenic, was swimming with friends before being wedged into a small under water channel that led to the other side of the dam. Beaver Dam Fire Department personnel responded, attempting to rescue Lujan. Attempts to rescue Lujan were unsuccessful due to the

strong undertow. Ace Hardware out of Mesquite, Nv., brought in their heavy machinery to assist in making a dam so the personnel could recover the victim.

AS OF 8:00 AM, June 1

The details are sketchy at this time but allegedly a 14-year old Scenic girl drown in the Virgin River last night near the Scenic Bridge in Mohave County, AZ.

Apparently seven kids were jumping into the river near the dam upriver from the Scenic Bridge when the 14-year old was drown. It took some time to recover the body because of the swift current in the immediate vicinity.

The name of the victim is being withheld at this time.

More information will be published as it becomes available.


  • Posted Date: 06/01/2012
    PLEASE parents keep your children out of the river! My grandson was almost lost to us 2 years ago in the river. Take them to the rec center to swim or anywhere else! Keep them out of the river!
    By: Kim
  • Posted Date: 06/01/2012
    May this be a lesson to all. Do not swim in the river! My condolences to the family. There was a 3 year old that drowned just 2 weeks ago. This should tell people that the river is NOT SAFE! Lets not let another death come by the hands of the river before we start to think if its really safe. No more deaths of children, please.
    By: Nicolette
  • Posted Date: 06/01/2012
    A tragedy in both drowning cases and my heart goes out to their family and friends. However, I have to put in my view about swimming in the river. I have been swimming, tubing and fishing in the Virgin River for the past five years and with my children. That's where the catch is. When my kids were at the river I was right there next to them every step of the way. I know that river like the back of my hand and know where to go and where not to. Since the flood last year there is a lot more debris that you cannot see because it is under the water. It's dangerous around any body of water; be it a lake or a river. Children should ALWAYS be with an adult. I will never stop enjoying the beauty and fun that the Virgin River has to offer. You just need to use common sense and stay in areas that aren't so deep and far far away from a dam. Why they were by the dam anyhow is beyond me. The water is going to be faster there anyhow. Just be safe everyone. No one wants anymore needless drownings. Be safe and Be smart....
    By: Theresa
  • Posted Date: 06/03/2012
    This was my baby sister what happened was tragic we mIss her dearly. The drowning was an accident, we weren't aware of her being there.I hope parents talk to their kids about the dangers. I want to thank all the fire fighters in Arizona and all the people who were waiting with is at the bridge. The town of mesquite is wonderful they have helped us so much!! I thank you all.
    By: Yesenia lujan
  • Posted Date: 06/03/2012
    I've been going to the river for years. The way it is now it's to dangerous for anyone to be swimming in it. But where can our teens go for swimming that is free? Not everyone has money to go swimming at the rec center. I wish the city would conciser opening such a place where low income family's can go have fun and be safe. Thank-You and please be safe!
    By: Jessica
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