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Friday, October 20, 2017

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Revised Pioneer Shared Use Path Quietly Approved-Video
Posting Date: 05/09/2012

By Barbara Ellestad
New Mesquite City Manager Andy Barton attended his first City Council meeting, May 8. Photo by Barbara Ellestad.

New Mesquite City Manager Andy Barton attended
his first City Council meeting, May 8. Photo by
Barbara Ellestad.

As raucous as previous meetings were when the Mesquite City Council discussed the Pioneer Shared Use Path Improvement Project, the agenda item barely raised a whisper at the Tuesday, May 8, Council meeting when a revised plan was introduced.

Previous plans called for replacing an existing sidewalk on Pioneer from Turtleback Road to Redd Hills Parkway. When residents strenuously objected to that, the Council requested Staff to explore revisions to the plan.

Development Services Director Kurt Sawyer proposed constructing two new sections of pathways where none currently exist.

The area along the west side of Oasis Blvd from Pioneer Blvd to just south of Kitty Hawk Drive will gain a new 10-foot wide pathway as well as the southeast corner of Pioneer Blvd and Falcon Ridge Parkway that does not currently have a sidewalk

The original construction plans for a 10-foot shared use path on Pioneer Blvd from Horizon Blvd to Calais Drive will remain in the project.

"We met with NDOT (Nevada Department of Transportation) and they said it looks good," Sawyer remarked to Council about the revised plan. "We still have to go through the process of getting it approved."

"I'd like to commend Staff for getting back to us and finding some of these solutions to what looked like a fairly difficult problem," Councilman Al Litman commented. "I think we're going in the right direction. I want to thank Staff for what they've done on this."

"I concur with that as well," Mayor Mark Wier added.

"That's my comment as well," Councilman Kraig Hafen remarked. "I've had a lot of citizens who couldn't be here want me to express their thanks to you and your staff for revisiting the redesign and re-direction. We appreciate it."

The Council approved the changes on a 5-0 vote.

Athletic and Leisure Services Director Bryan Dangerfield asked Council to approve the construction of a new water play area at the Hafen Trailhead Park using a Community Development Block Grant from Clark County worth approximately $421,000.

"In 2009, previous Council approved a five-year capital improvement plan for Community Development Block Grant money," Internal Services Director Mike Callahan explained. "This project is now the remaining number one priority. This money is available. The money does have to be spent in the designated census area according to the poverty guidelines. It has to be beneficial to that neighborhood."

"I'm in total support of this project," Councilman Geno Withelder commented. "However, I would like to see all

the work done by local contractors to keep the business here in Mesquite."

City Attorney Cheryl Hunt reminded the Council that State laws prohibit limitations such as that in the bidding process.

"It is federal funding," Callahan said. "We have to comply with the Davis-Bacon law on wages that drives up the cost. The last major project we did was successfully completed by a local contractor. Local contracting companies are familiar with these projects and should be very competitive."

Councilman George Rapson asked Dangerfield about the reduction in the scope of the project from $764,000 to the planned $421,000.

Dangerfield explained that original plans called for the installation of "water toys" in the splash pad area. Rather than add them at the beginning of the project, "they can be added at a future time."

"This will also take care of some of the other problems we've had at Hafen Park," he added. The construction plans call for the water run-off from the splash pad to feed into the pond and will help keep it fresher. The pond water will then be used to irrigate the grassy areas of the park. An additional pump will be added to the pond.

The water will only go off in the splash pad when it's activated," Dangerfield remarked. "There's no wasted water."

He also said no additional staff or lifeguards would be needed in the area.

When Rapson asked about ongoing maintenance costs of the facility, Dangerfield said those costs had not yet been identified. "We're going to put that in the RFQ, to see what those costs will be," Dangerfield replied.

The Council unanimously approved the project.

Council also approved on 5-0 votes:

--renewing the City's sponsorship agreement with the Long Drivers of America for 2012 events held at the Mesquite Sports & Event Complex;

--a Gaming License and Slot Route Operator License for United Coin Machine Co for Peggy Sue's restaurant;

--a Category A, Class II Secondhand Dealer License for Mathew John, allowing him to sell used appliances and equipment at a small hardware store currently located at 799 W. Mesquite Blvd;

--a proclamation declaring the week of May 20 at "Elks Law and Order Week;"

--a resolution adopting an Interlocal Agreement with the Regional Transportation Commission for bus stop sign installation and maintenance;

--a resolution directing the City Treasurer to cancel the sale of properties subject to liens of delinquent assessments;

--a resolution supporting a regional reorganization plan for a new economic development authority for the southern Nevada region. It will replace the current Nevada Development Authority to which the City currently belongs.


  • Posted Date: 05/09/2012
    Is Councilman Geno that shallow that he does not know that when federal monies are used, anyone can bid on the job, and you can't specify "local" contractors? Can't he understand that concept? Even his buddies that are local contractors must be embarrassed by his lack of knowledge. Geno, give up your seat and go play BINGO somewhere.
    By: ralph
  • Posted Date: 05/09/2012
    I am truly amazed on how quickly and efficiently this project moved ahead when Kurt Sawyer was removed as a stumbling block. He had one excuse after another about how it had to be done "his way" and NDOT wouldn't even be able to talk to us until June. And here we are done with it. Good job staff. Try to keep Sawyer out of the loop.
    By: Bill
  • Posted Date: 05/09/2012
    Good job, council
    By: Nathan
  • Posted Date: 05/09/2012
    Is it just me, or does it look like our new city manager is taking a snooze during his first City Council meeting? (I mean, I can't blame him, but...)
    By: Tyrone Biggs
  • Posted Date: 05/09/2012
    Tyrone: I think the picture is more a function of the photographer than the subject. Barbara
    By: Barbara Ellestad
  • Posted Date: 05/09/2012
    Sawyer said he couldn't meet with NDOT till June, so he is still waiting for their call. As soon as he can arrange a meeting, he can report to the council. Should be another month or two. (Don't anyone tell him it is already a done deal).
    By: Tracy
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