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Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Police Blotter - Apr 29, - May 5 2012
Posting Date: 05/08/2012

The following incidents were taken, in part, from the Mesquite Police Department blotter during the week of Apr. 29 - May 5, 2012. All persons included in these incidents are presumed innocent until proven guilty by courts in the U.S. 4/29/12 Domestic Dispute: Officers responded to a residence regarding a family fight. They determined the male had assaulted the female and he was taken to jail.

4/29/12 Disturbance: Police were called to a casino about an intoxicated man who pushed two security guards when he was asked to leave. He was arrested.

4/30/12 Welfare Check: Officers received a report from On Star, the emergency vehicle notification system, about the panic button being pushed on an owner's car. Police contacted the owner who said he was just pushing buttons on his On Star and set off the panic alarm.

4/30/12 Attempt to Locate: Officers were contacted by a citizen who was worried about her spouse who has Alzheimer’s. He left a note saying he took the dog for a walk and had not returned. Officers searched the area and returned the man to his home.

4/30/12 Burglary: Two travel trailers were broken into at a car dealership lot.

5/1/12 Theft: Officers responded to a local residence regarding the theft of a lawn statue.

5/1/12 Animal Problem: Police responded to a report of a pitbull

running at large in a neighborhood. The owner was issued a citation.

5/3/12 Intoxicated Driver: Officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle near a casino. A woman was found passed out behind the wheel stopped in the travel lane with the engine running. She was arrested for DUI.

5/3/12 Domestic Disturbance: Police responded to a residence regarding a fight between two sisters. After an investigation, both sisters were arrested for domestic battery.

5/4/12 Traffic Problem: Officers received a report of a street sign which had been run over by a semi truck.

5/4/12 Disturbance: A man was laying down in the area behind a residence yelling and swearing loudly. He was arrested for disturbing the peace.

5/4/12 Stabbing: Police and EMS responded to a residence regarding an attempted suicide. Investigation determined he had accidentally stabbed himself with a kitchen knife while cooking dinner.

5/5/12 Citizen Assist: A citizen requested a report be taken about water damage to his residence from the neighbors hose.

5/6/12 Fight: Police responded to a convenience store parking lot on a report of a man hitting a woman. After investigation, the man was arrested.

5/6/12 Theft: A citizen reported the theft of his license plate from his vehicle parked at a casino.

5/6/12 Disturbance: Police responded to a hotel on a report of an argument between a male and two females. They agreed to separate for the rest of the night.


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