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Sunday, October 22, 2017

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St. George Sports Complex
Posting Date: 04/19/2012

When I moved here last May I was told of Mesquite’s grand plans to have a sports complex near where the soccer fields are. It was to be called, “Desert Falls Sports Resorts”, covering 920 acres and the owners indicated the desire to hire locally as much as possible to eventually fill up to 500 full time positions at the sports complex, spreading the wealth to Mesquite NV residents.

This all sounded too good to be true! Well, it was as the city government dragged their feet and hemmed and hawed over minute details and the citizens of Mesquite loudly complained that such a venue was unwanted and unneeded.

People all over Mesquite should be walking with a pronounced limp as you all have shot yourselves in the foot! The same aforementioned complex is close to completion in St George, Utah. A multi-million dollar sports park is taking

shape off the Southern Parkway. It will span hundreds of acres and seeks to fulfill the area's growing demand for athletic venues. It will be completed in five years and will include a wakeboarding facility, a water park resort, motocross and go-cart tracks, a pickleball complex, a dozen baseball fields and a dozen soccer fields.

“What is the big deal?” you ask? The deal is that now everyone who comes here from St George and surrounding areas do not have to come to Mesquite for tournaments any longer as they can take the whole family, stay in St. George hotels, eat in St. George restaurants and shop in St. George stores.

Mesquite has seen the closure of grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and shops. Also, less money coming in to business equals less tax money in the coffers, equaling a possible reduction in public safety and city services. And if you think we had too many stores, wait until Walmart closes. Congratulations St. George!

Carly Toutant

Mesquite, NV


  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    What you missed by not arriving until May, Carly, was the fact that the Desert Falls project was a scam. The "developers" never had the money or backing they claimed to have, then stopped giving updates to the city as required in the Joint Development Agreement. This was covered extensively in the local newspaper. I don't know anything about a sports complex being built in St. George. However, I can predict with tremendous confidence that if it's the same bunch that tried to pull off the dream here, you'll never see that complex in St. George, either.
    By: Darryl Scarson
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    This is interesting onfo, wonder why it never came up with the NCS fiasco? If St. george is building a multi-miliions sports complex, then we certainly should not. If they won't come here, it is a waste of $$$$. The difference between there and here is this is a retirement heaven and the young, religious people of St. George keep popping out babies like they were Cracker Jack prizes. Good for St. George and I hope our local council is reading this. Stop wasting $$$ on a sports complex. We got something Utah doesn't. Ever heard of a little town called Branson, Missouri (population 10,000) that re-made itself when its economy went bad?
    By: Robert
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    Without a doubt, this should tell our mayor and council that the indoor sports complex here is dead. Sawyer wanted to spend $8-10 million on it, now we can use that for something better. Right Mr. Sawyer?
    By: Sandi
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    Mayor and council, take note. Bet you never got this information before. Think outside the box, boys.
    By: David
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    Thank you Carly for this news. What you missed before May was the $2 million Randy Ence library land ripoff, the millions stolen from the water district, former Mayor Holechecks first class, 5 star trip to Europe on taxpayer money, several questionable construction projects, the unethical selling of water shares by scumbags, Solstice, Barcelona, and NCS. And that is only is the last few years. We are not as dumb as you think we are. We are going to get it right this time.
    By: Vic M
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    Thanks carly, this is exactly what we have been telling our mayor and council.
    By: Eddie
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    Good point, Carly.
    By: Marilee
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    You need to compare apples to apples and stop comparing us to St. George. At last count, they had over 80,000 people- we might have 10,000. Their population is younger with lots of children, we are a retirement community. The have huge infrastructure problems, we have none. We have something they come here to see all week long, legalized gambling and good shows throughout the year.
    By: Terry
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    Those who do not believe me.... here is the link from The Spectrum!
    By: Carly
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    Sorry, Carly, not willing to pay the Spectrum $10 to read a story.
    By: Tyson
  • Posted Date: 04/19/2012
    If they are building that then we don't need one here. Would be a massive waste of money.
    By: Preston
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