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Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Mesa View Hospital CEO Discusses New Patient Services-Video
Posting Date: 04/12/2012

By Barbara Ellestad
Kapua Conley, CEO Mesa View Regional Hospital, addresses the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday, Apr. 11. Photo by Barbara Ellestad.

Kapua Conley, CEO Mesa View Regional Hospital,
addresses the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce,
Wednesday, Apr. 11. Photo by Barbara Ellestad.

Saying that he's seen a shift in the demographics of the community, with "big increases in retirees," Mesa View Regional Hospital CEO Kapua Conley announced several medically-related specialty services he's trying to develop in Mesquite. "The hospital has to change its dynamics to fit the aging population," he explained.

Speaking at the monthly Mesquite Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Wednesday, Apr. 11, Conley explained that the award-winning hospital is "actively recruiting for a Mesquite-based orthopedic surgeon that will do surgeries here in Mesquite, full time."

He's also working on "bringing services here in the next six to eight months" for medical and radiation oncology. Then we can spin off the services like chemotherapy in Mesquite." Speaking as a cancer survivor Conley empathized with oncology patients who had to drive to St. George or Las Vegas for treatments. "It doesn't feel good afterwards," he remarked.

"We have a huge population that needs cardiac services," Conley continued. "In the last 60 days, we added a pulmonary function machine." He added that the hospital is working with other related groups to "have more presence here. Hopefully in the next 24 months we'll be able to have a 'cath' lab here. It bothers me when I see people that have to go to St. George to get pulmonary function testing."

"Even though it's a pulmonary-related specialty, it's primary care. That should be in our wheel house."

Conley also discussed the new Sleep Laboratory that will open in the next few weeks at Mesa View. Rob Fuller, Business Development Director at the hospital later explained the importance of the Sleep Lab in helping people live better.

Conley went on to explain that the hospital is expanding its primary care services into the Moapa Valley region and working to attract more patients from that area. "It's my responsibility to make sure we don't continue to neglect them. Hopefully, we'll bring patients this way."

"These are things we're actively

working on every day," Conley continued.

He told the business leaders that last year Mesa View contributed about $17 million to the local economy. "I want you to look at the charity care line," he said, referring to the chart the group was reviewing. "A 25-bed hospital in this community gave away $2 million in charity care to people that could not afford it. We're doing this and not asking for tax dollars. We're not being subsidized by the community. We're paying our taxes and still giving away $2 million in charity care."

"Overall since the hospital opened, it's had a $74 million dollar impact," on the local economy, Conley remarked.

Explaining that hospitals designated as 'critical access' are reimbursed by the government only for actual costs. "That doesn't allow for a hospital to make a profit and expand. You don't grow at that rate. At some point we have to break out of this critical access designation. In the meantime, the designation gives us the opportunity to stay in Mesquite long-term."

Delving into the long-standing difficulty of the hospital accepting all kinds of insurance plan reimbursements, Conley mentioned, "I actually have a meeting next week with Humana. The problem with these insurance companies is that Mesquite is located in Clark County. So I get roped into Las Vegas."

He explained that insurance companies allot a certain number of dollars for medical reimbursements county-wide and Mesa View competes with other, larger hospitals for the money. "I'm trying to work with these insurance companies individually and show them the benefit of having us on their plan. At the same time, I'm saying 'hey, you've got to open up your rates a little bit.'"

"They're not supposed to be selling HMO plans in this community because we don't accept them. But these representatives come in once a year, they sell these plans, they leave, and don't come back until next year. I spend the whole year explaining to [the patients] how the hospital doesn't accept the plan. It makes the hospital look bad."


  • Posted Date: 04/12/2012
    Due to the cost of care at the Mesa View Hospital, it is more desirable to go to St. George, Utah.
    By: Bob Charles
  • Posted Date: 04/12/2012
    I think Mesa View is doing a great job and Mesquite is fortunate to have them.
    By: Herb Calhoun
  • Posted Date: 04/12/2012
    I am very disappointed in Mesa View, not their patient care, but their HR department. As this article states Mesa View would like to expand their patient care in offering in many more directions. I would assume this would mean the hiring of more personnel. I know many individuals with years of patient care experience, that have applied at Mesa View for employment and have never received any communication from the HR department. They now work at Dixie in St. George. If you want to expand your hospital offerings, start with your HR department's lack of professional hiring skills.
    By: just a thought
  • Posted Date: 04/13/2012
    I'm very grateful you are here! You have taken care of my kids, and helped with my insurance. If you think they are more expensive, maybe you should ask them to work with you, they did me. And for the grumpy one, the two gentlemen in HR are very professional and have helped me with applying on the computer, gave me tips on my resume. Everyone there is very helpful, even the lady up front with my insurance and the nurses in the ER. Maybe I'm glad "those individuals" don't work in my town because Mesa View has good people.
    By: Candice
  • Posted Date: 04/14/2012
    Way to go Candice! Sounds like someone has beef, maybe an ex employee that needed to leave, or someone that isn't qualified, but with that attitude, I hope they don't hire her. Besides, I didn't know HR's called everyone, I thought that's alwasy the manager. Hum, "just" sounds like she has an agenda.
    By: Dawn
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