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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Local Election Filings Reveal Interesting Match-Ups
Posting Date: 03/19/2012

By Barbara Ellestad

With so much attention being paid to national level elections, it's easy to lose sight of the local elections directly affecting Mesquite and the surrounding area that will be on the ballot this year.

The Mesquite Citizen Journal has compiled a list of candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring for various offices from State Assembly to the Virgin Valley Water District to the Mesquite Justice of the Peace.

The filing season for all offices closed last Friday, Mar. 16. Click here for a list of candidates for local offices.

Incumbent Cresent Hardy (R), a resident of Bunkerville, will try for a second term in the State Assembly against Las Vegas Democrat Felipe Rodriguez. The winner will represent the new District 19 which includes North Las Vegas, parts of Henderson, a portion of the Moapa Valley, and Mesquite. Immediately following last Fall's redistricting process, it appeared that Hardy and State Assemblyman Steven Brooks would form the only race in the State between two incumbents. However, Brooks switched his candidacy to District 17 in Las Vegas.

Neither candidate has an opponent in their respective parties so their race won't heat up until the Fall.

Two Republicans, Ruth Johnson and Jon Blackwell will compete against each other in the June Primary to determine who will face off against incumbent Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins (D) as Mesquite's representative in the November General election. Independent American Party Candidate Warren Markowitz also tossed his hat into the ring for the seat and will compete against Collins and the Republican Primary winner.

Collins is running for a third term on the Commission. Johnson previously served three terms as Mesquite's representative on the Clark County School Board.

Bill Tanner will challenge long-time Virgin Valley Water District Board of Directors incumbent Ted Miller for a two year seat. Miller was first elected to the VVWD Board in 2006. Tanner is the Director, Public Works, for the City of Mesquite. They too will not have any challengers in the June Primary.

Seven candidates have filed for

the six-year term of Justice of the Peace, Mesquite Township, a position currently held by Judge Ron Dodd. Dodd also serves as the appointed Mesquite Municipal Judge. He's said he will retire from both positions at the end of this year. While the Justice of the Peace is an elected office, the Judgeship is appointed by the Mesquite City Council. It's not imperative that the same individual fill both positions. The Council changed the requirement several years ago that whomever fills the Judge's position must have a law degree. Dodd, who does not, was grandfathered under the provision.

The Justice of the Peace position does not require the occupant to be a licensed attorney. The person simply must have a high school diploma. However, the person elected must "actually, as opposed to constructively, reside in the district to which the office pertains for at least the 30 days immediately before the close of candidate filing," according to State guidelines.

Kryztal Alvizo, Karen Beausoleil, Bill Berrett, Theron Jensen, Alisia Leavitt, Duane Thurston, and Ryan Toone have filed for the office. Toone is currently the Assistant City Attorney in Mesquite. Should he win the seat he will be required to resign from his position with the City. All seven candidates will appear on the June Primary ballot.

David Anderson is the sole candidate for Trustee, Overton Power District 5, representing Mesquite. The same is true for Craig Anderson who is running unopposed as Trustee, Overton Power District 7, at large. He is a resident of Bunkerville.

Two people from Las Vegas have filed for the Trustee, Clark County School District B, position that represents Mesquite. Christine Garvey currently serves as the Trustee. Rose Moore is opposing her for the position.

The Mesquite Citizen Journal will follow the election throughout the year and will bring you interviews and information about the various candidates, races, and election results.

A list of candidates for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Congress throughout the State of Nevada is available by clicking here.


  • Posted Date: 03/19/2012
    I think the paper should publish the salary granted the Justice of the Peace. Rich guy Theron Jenson who is head honcho of the LDS Church might have some conflicts of interest if elected. Duane Thurston has made a career out of serving court papers. Time to have a well educated LAWYER as Justice of the Peace. Maybe minorities would get a better shake when in front of the judge.
    By: ronnie
  • Posted Date: 03/19/2012
    While Bill Tanner is a nice guy we need independent, forward thinking people for baord positions who will represent the greater good and who have not been entrenched in the kind of messes that got us where we are today. If Tanner had spoken out against some of these financial fool hardy ideas, I would vote for him...but he didn't.
    By: Vic M
  • Posted Date: 03/19/2012
    Ryan Toone is a sharp guy and a lawyer and has done well for the city even under the thumb of the incompetent Cheryl Hunt. He would be a good choice. He seems like a straight shooter.
    By: Becca
  • Posted Date: 03/19/2012
    Bill Tanner is unquestionably the best director currently on the City of Mesquite's payroll. The best, hands down. But it would be catastrophic for the people of Mesquite and Bunkerville for the City of Mesquite to control a second position on the water board (they would actually control a three person majority, considering the fact that Ramaker currently votes however city councilman Karl Gustaveson tells her to). Besides, while he can be a bit abrasive, Ted Miller is the ONLY VVWD board member to consistently stand up for the people, and was a driving force behind exposing the corruption at the district. Mesquite and Bunkerville NEED Miller on that board.
    By: Devon
  • Posted Date: 03/19/2012
    As for the JP position...former Ms. Senior Mesquite Karen Beausoleil is a gaffe-prone idiot who should stay far from a court room. Toone is viable, but the city desperately needs him as a counterweight to his utterly incompetent boss, City Attorney Cheryl Hunt. Also, when the new crop of balls is harvested later this year, we can all hope the City Council will finally show Hunt the door, opening the position for Toone. As LDS Stake President, Theron Jensen is well practiced at dispensing judgement. He is also an extremely fair and intelligent man with an abundance of common sense. But it would be nice to have the Mesquite JP office run by a non-Mormon, just for a change of pace. Duane Thurston has a similar LDS background. More importantly, he is barely capable of tying his own shoes. (Ever listened to him speak at a public gathering? It's painful to watch.) Don't know anything about Alisia Leavitt, but the surname indicates another LDS candidate. Similarly know nothing of Alvizo or Berrett. To be honest, our best bet would be to convince Dodd to stick around for another term. Despite the fact that he doesn't have a law degree, or maybe BECAUSE of it, he is the best Justice of the Peace in the entire state of Nevada, dispensing justice with an even hand, compassion, and more common sense than any one person should possess. The people of Mesquite need you, Ron!
    By: Devon
  • Posted Date: 03/19/2012
    Ted Miller is a stand-up guy who we need. Like someone said, he is the only board member who consistently votes for the people. If anyone needs to go it is Ramaker who is just a follower. We absolutely need Ted Miller. Save Tanner for dumping a couple of the others, like Ramaker and Leavitt.
    By: George
  • Posted Date: 03/19/2012
    Miller is a good guy who works for all of us. Keep him. Don't go backwards.
    By: Mike
  • Posted Date: 03/20/2012
    Ryan Toone is the best choice. He's young and smart and has shown he isn't tied in with the old boy network like most of the others.
    By: Chuck
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